Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why did I star this blog? One word: Maynard

I thought this would be appropiate for my 200th post on this blog, the topic of why I started it in the first place.

I have enjoyed the music of Maynard Ferguson for some time, since the late 80's. However most of what I knew was from the 70's, MF Horn 1 & 2 (on cassette), Primal Scream, Conquistador and the like. I had no idea at first that his career spanned the decades that it has. Once I discovered this I wanted to learn more about those recordings from the 50's and 60's, but it wasn't until the internet really came around in the mid 90's that I was able to. And with eBay I was finally, much to my joy, able to acquire a number of LPs that were out of print.

That is the reason I started this blog, to share that joy with others who may not have had the opportunitiy to ever have heard some of these MF recordings. Now, of course, it's gone well beyond just Maynard into other areas of my own personal jazz collection.

So, as a reminder, here's a list of those joys - all the Maynard material currently available here. Some of these have been reissued, and I encourage you to buy those CDs so we can hope to have more of these released in the future. And, if you have other bootlegs you would like to share, drop me a line.

Stan Kenton - Summer of '51 (1951)
Stan Kenton - New Concepts Of Artistry In Rhythm (1952)
Stan Kenton - Kenton in Hi-Fi (1956)
Live at Peacock Lane (1956)
Boy with Lots of Brass (1957)
Live at Peacock Lane (1957)
A Message from Newport (1958)
Swinging My Way Through College (1958)
A Message from Birdland (1959)
Let's Face The Music And Dance (1960)
Newport Suite (1960)
Maynard '61 (1961)
Straightaway Jazz Themes (1961)
Two's Company (1961)
Maynard '62 (1962)
Si! Si! MF (1962)
Maynard '63 (1963)
Message from Maynard (1963)
Come Blow Your Horn (1964)
The Blues Roar (1964)
Maynard '64 (1964)
The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson (1964)
Ridin' High/Freaky (1968)
1969 (1969)
The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson (1969)
MF Horn (1970)
MF Horn 2 (1972)
MF Horn 3 (1973)
MF Horn 4 & 5, Live at Jimmy's (1973)
Live at the Great American Music Hall (1973)
Chameleon (1974)
Various Live Tracks (1970s)
The Best of Maynard Ferguson (1980)
Storm (1982)
Live from San Francisco (1983)
Body & Soul (1986)
Big Bop Nouveau (1990)
Footpath Café (1992)
Verve Jazz Masters 52 (1996)
Live at "The Basement" (2002)
Live at the Blue Note (2003)
Live in Las Vegas (2004)


Anonymous said...

hi,i'm a great maynard fan and i just wanted to thank you because i coudnt afford buying the complete roulette recordings on mosaic and you just gave us even better:the same but with original covers.so thanks for your beautiful work you own one of the best jazz blogs on the net

Anonymous said...

could you get a link to double exposure (with chris connor) on atlantic records?

Anonymous said...

Maynard and I go way back to the late 50s, when he and his band at the time appeared at DePauw University in Indiana. My old roommate, one of the concert organizers, reminded me a few weeks ago that the total fee paid to Maynard for the night was $600. Wow!

Real purpose of comment is to say that unfortunately I have found NONE of the sharebig links that work -- they all lead to an error page filled with what appear to be Chinese text characters.

Anyhow, thanks immensely fot the links that do work. Exciting stuff!