Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stan Kenton - Kenton in Hi-Fi (1956)

Saxes: Skeets Herfurt, Lennie Niehaus, Bill Perkins, Spence Sinatra, Vido Musso (solos only), Jack Nimitz
Trombones: Milt Bernhart, Carl Fontana, Bob Fitzpatrick, Kent Larsen, Don Kelly
Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Pete Candoli, Sam Noto, Ed Leddy, Vinnie Tanno, Don Paladino
Rhythm: Ralph Blaze (guitar), Chico Guerrero (percussion), Mel Lewis (drums), Stan Kenton (piano, leader)

1. Artistry Jumps
2. Interlude
3. Intermission Riff
4. Minor Riff
5. Minor Riff (Alt. Take)
6. Collaboration
7. Painted Rhythm
8. Southern Scandal
9. Peanut Vendor
10. Eager Beaver
11. Concerto To End
12. Artistry In Boogie
13. Lover
14. Unison Riff
15. Opus In Pastels
16. Machito
17. Artistry In Rhythm


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Anonymous said...

Many thanks from a big Kenton fan. One concert I attended was in a small restaurant in the early 70's. After two minutes of the first number he stopped the band and said to whoever would listen,"Where did you get this sound system,Sears?" He then pushed ahead.