Wednesday, November 01, 2006

(repost) Maynard Ferguson - Newport Suite (1960)

Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Don Ellis, Chet Ferretti, Rick Kiefer
Trombones: Mike Zagarini, Charles Greenlee
Winds: Jimmy Ford, Joe Farrell, Willie Maiden, Frank Hittner
Rhythm: Jaki Byard (Piano), Aubrey Tosin (Bass), Stu Martin (Drums)

1. Jazz Berries
2. Foxy
3. Newport
4. Got The Spirit
5. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
6. Ol' Man River
7. Three More Foxes


six-by-six said...

Anonymous said...

Could you upload this file? I am really interesting in big band music. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Download link is still active...


chipper said...

Just wanted to leave you a big thank you for sharing this music. My boss and I are big, big Maynard fans- he attended the tribute/funeral and was moved beyond words. My vinyl of this was "borrowed" years ago and missed most among recordings I've lost track. Thanks again, I feel this is one of his stronger compositions for mid-size band...

jazzdude said...

Great band, great music. Used to have this, but got ruined in travels.....Id love to get it again, if you have chance sometime to repost!

six-by-six said...

N E W : Newport Suite