Tuesday, October 17, 2006

(Repost) Maynard Ferguson - Si! Si! MF (1962)

Maynard Ferguson, bandleader, trumpet
Trumpets: Don Rader, Gene Goe, Nat Pavone
Trombones: John Gale, Ken Rupp
Winds: Lanny Morgan, Willie Maiden, Don Menza, Frank Hittner
Rhythm: Rufus Jones (drums), Michael Abene (piano), Lincoln Milliman (bass)

1. What'll I Do
2. Early Hours
3. Morganpoint
4. Si! Si! MF
5. Great Guns
6. Almost Like Being In Love
7. Mimi
8. Morgan's Organ
9. Born To Be Blue
10. Straight Out

Liner Notes:

     Maynard Ferguson has become one of the most important leaders in big band jazz. He has put together a group of musicians that have the unique success of being truly great individual performers who function with unique success as a band. It is a strong cohesive unit that is drawn together by Ferguson's own forecful leadership as well as his own individual greatness as a trumpeter.
     The Maynard Ferguson band has developed to such an extent that it is today the most sought after big band jazz aggregation on the college circuit. With equal facility and adaptness, the Ferguson band perform on a theatre stage or in such famed jazz havens as Birdland. Whereever the band plays they draw a vast follwing of big band worshippers and ardent admirers of Ferguson's amazing facility and technique on the trumpet.
     In a stunning performance of special arrangements by Willie Maiden, Maynard Ferguson brings to bear all the amazing qualities of this superb band of musicians who have made big band jazz such a popular expression.


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