Friday, October 26, 2007

John Coltrane - A John Coltrane Retrospective The Impluse! Years (1992)

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
A variety of other musicians (see the booklet for complete list).

Disc I
1. Greensleeves
2. Niama
3. Impressions
4. Spiritual
5. Chasin' The Train

Disc II
1. Soul Eyes
2. Miles' Mode
3. What's New
4. In A Sentimental Mood
5. Take The Coltrane
6. My One And Only Love
7. After The Rain
8. Afro-Blue
9. I Want To Talk About You
10. Alabama

Disc III
1. Crescent
2. Bessie's Blues
3. A Love Supreme (Part I: Acknowledgement)
4. Nature Boy
5. Chim Chim Cheree
6. Dear Lord
7. Living Space
8. Welcome
9. Offering

John Coltrane - Live In Paris (1965)

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
McCoy Tyner, Piano
Jimmy Garrison, Bass
Elvin Jones, Drums

Tracks 1-2 from the Antibes Jazz Festival, July 27, 1965. Tracks 3-5 from Salle, Peyel, Paris, July 28, 1965.

1. Niama
2. Impressions
3. Blue Valse
4. Afro Blue
5. Impressions (2nd version)

Monday, October 22, 2007

John Coltrane - The Major Works Of John Coltrane (1992)

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
McCoy Tyner, Piano
Jimmy Garrison, Bass
Elvin Jones, Drums

Additionally on Ascension (recorded June 28, 1965):
Archie Shepp & Pharoah Sanders, Tenor Saxes
John Tchicai & Marion Brown, Alto Saxes
Freddie Hubbard & Dewey Johnson, Trumpets
Art Davis, Bass

Additionally on Om (recorded October 1, 1965):
Pharoah Sanders, Tenor Sax & Percussion
Donald Garrett, Bass Clarinet, Bass, Percussion
Joe Brazil, Flute, Percussion

Additionally on Kulu Se Mama & Selflessness (Recorded October 14, 1965):
Pharoah Sanders, Tenor Sax
Donald Garrett, Bass Clarinet, Bass
Frank Butler, Drums, Percussion
Juno Lewis, Percussion, Vocal

Disc I
1. Ascension - Edition I
2. Om

Disc II
1. Ascension - Edition II
2. Kulu Se Mama
3. Selflessness

Friday, October 19, 2007

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (1964)

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
McCoy Tyner, Piano
Jimmy Garrison, Bass
Elvin Jones, Drums

1. Part I - Acknowledgement
2. Part II - Resolution
3. Part III - Pursuance
Part IV - Psalm

John Coltrane - My Favorite Things (1960)

John Coltrane, Soprano & Tenor Saxes
McCoy Tyner, Piano
Steve Davis, Bass
Elvin Jones, Drums

1. My Favorite Things
2. Everytime We Say Goodbye
3. Summertime
4. But Not For Me

Monday, October 15, 2007

Report Dead Links

If you come across something dead, do me a favor and post it as a comment to this post. I'll work to get things back up as soon as I can and will update this post when done.

Recent reups:

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Don Ellis - Tears of Joy
Don Ellis - Live at Montreux
Don Ellis - Music from Other Planets and Galaxies

Friday, October 12, 2007

John Coltrane - Giant Steps (1960)

Tracks 1-5, 7, 10-12; recorded May 4, 1959
John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
Tommy Flanagan, Piano
Paul Chambers, Bass
Art Taylor, Drums

Track 6; recorded December 2, 1959
John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
Wynton Kelly, Piano
Paul Chambers, Bass
Jimmy Cobb, Drums

Tracks 8-9; recorded April 1, 1959
John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
Cedar Walton, Piano
Paul Chambers, Bass
Lex Humphries, Drums

1. Giant Steps
2. Cousin Mary
3. Countdown
4. Spiral
5. Syeeda's Song Flute
6. Niam
7. Mr. P.C.
8. Giant Steps (alternate take)
9. Niama (alternate take)
10. Cousin Mary (alternate take)
11. Countdown (alternate take)
12. Syeeda's Song Flute (alternate take)

John Coltrane - Blue Train (1957)

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax
Lee Morgan, Trumpet
Curtis Fuller, Trombone
Kenny Drew, Piano
Paul Chambers, Bass
"Philly" Joe Jones, Drums

1. Blue Train
2. Moment's Notice
3. Locomotion
4. I'm Old Fashioned
5. Lazy Bird

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dave Liebman - Homage To John Coltrane (1987)

Tracks 1-5:
Dave Liebman, Soprano Sax
Jim McNeeley, Acoustic Piano
Eddie Gomez, Acoustic Bass
Adam Nussbaum, Drums & Percussion
Caris Visentin, Oboe

Tracks 6-10:
Dave Liebman, Soprano Sax
Jim Beard, Synthesizers
Mark Egan, Electric Bass
Bob Moses, Drums & Percussion
Caris Visentin, Oboe

1. Untitled Original
2. Crescent
3. Love
4. Joy/Selflessness
5. After The Rain
6. India
7. Welcome
8. Mr. Day
9. Dear Lord
10. Dahomey Dance

Chick Corea - The Best Of Chick Corea (1993)

Chick Corea, Piano
Tracks 1,2:
Blue Mitchell, Trumpet
Julian Priester, Trombone
Jerry Dodgion, Alto Sax
Junior Cook, Tenor Sax
Gene Taylor, Bass
Mickey Roker, Drums

Tracks 3-8
Miroslav Vitous, Bass
Roy Haynes, Drums

Tracks 9-11
Davel Holland, Bass
Barry Altschul, Drums

1. Straight Up And Down
2. Tones For Joan's Bones
3. Matrix
4. My One And Only Love
5. Windows
6. Samba Yantra
7. Pannonica
8. Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
9. Toy Room
10. Blues Connotation
11. Nefertiti

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maynard Ferguson - Carnival (1978)

Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet/Superbone/Firebird/Flugelhorn
Trumpets: Stan Mark, Dennis Noday, Dan Wetly, Ron Tooley, Joe "Loon" Mosello
Trombones: Nick lane, Phil Grey
Saxophones: Eric Traub, Mike Migliore, Bob Militello
Rhydthm: John Odini (Guitar), Biff Hannon (Electric Piano/Synthesizers), Gordon Johnson (Bass), Bob Economou (Drums), Peter Erskine (Drums), Ralph McDonald (Percussion), Rubens Bassini (Percussion)
Vivian Cherry - Vocals

1. MF Carnival
2. Fantasy
3. Theme from "Battlestar Galactica"
4. Stella by Starlight
5. Birdland
6. Baker Street
7. How Ya' Doin' Baby?
8. Over From Rainbow

Maynard Ferguson - The Birdland Dream Band (1956)

Tracks: 1-9, 18
Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Al De Risi, Nick Travis, Joe Ferrante,
Trombones: Jimmy Cleveland, Sonny Russo, Eddie Bert
Saxophones: Herb Geller(alto), Budd Johnson(tenor), Ernie Wilkins(bari), Al Cohn(tenor)
Rhythm: Hank Jones (piano), Milt Hinton (bass), Jimmy Campbell (drums)

Tracks 10-17:
Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Al De Risi, Nick Travis, Joe Ferrante, Nick Travis, Jimmy Nottingham, Ernie Royal, Al Stewart
Trombones: Jimmy Cleveland, Sonny Russo
Saxophones: Herb Geller( alto), Budd Johnson (tenor), Frank Socolow (tenor), Ernie Wilkins (bari), Al Cohn (tenor)
Rhythm: Hank Jones (piano), Arnold Fishkin (bass), Don Lamond( drums)

1. Lady Bug
2. Still Water Stomp
3. Blue Birdland
4. Great Guns
5. Button Nose
6. Maynard The Fox
7. Somebody Wants Me Down There
8. More West
9. The Wailing Boat
10. Mogo
11. Early Hours
12. Geller's Cellar
13. Say It With Trumpets
14. You Said It
15. Everybody Moan
16. Sleep Softly
17. Cervezita
18. Little Girl Kimbi

Monday, October 01, 2007

Maynard Ferguson - Color Him Wild (1964)

Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet/Valve Trombone
Nat Pavone, Don Radar, Harry Hall, Dick Hurwitz - Trumpets
Kenny Rupp - Trombone/Tuba
Rob McConnell - Valve Trombone
Lanny Morgan, Willie Maiden, Frank Vicari, Ronnie Cuber - Saxophones
Mike Abene - Piano
Ron McClure - Bass
Tony Inzalaco - Drums

1. Airegin
2. Macarena
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. People
5. This Nite
6. The Lady's In Love
7. Tinsel
8. Three More Foxes
9. Come Rain Or Come Shine

Tough Young Tenors - Alone Together (1991)

James Carter, Tenor Saxophone (1,6,9,11)
Tim Warfield, Tenor Saxophone (4,5,10,11)
Walter Blanding, Tenor Saxophone (1,7,8,11)
Todd Williams, Tenor Saxophone (2,4,8,11)
Herb Harris, Tenor Saxophone (3,6,10,11)
Marcus Roberts, Piano
Reginald Veal, Bass
Ben Riley, Drums

1. Jim Dog
2. Just You Just Me
3. You Go To My Head
4. Stevie
5. The Break Through
6. Alone Together
7. Ask Me Now
8. Blues On The Corner
9. Chelsea Bridge
10. Calvary
11. The Eternal Triangle

Return to Forever - No Mystery (1975)

Chick Corea - Acoustic piano, Electric piano, Clavinet, Yamaha Organ, Synthesizers, Snare drum, Marimba, Vocal
Stanley Clarke - Electric bass, Acoustic bass, Yamaha Organ, Synthesizer, Vocal
Lenny White - Drums, Percussion, Congas, Marimba
Al Di Meola - Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar

1. Dayride
2. Jungle Waterfall
3. Flight of the Newborn
4. Sofistifunk
5. Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal
6. No Mystery
7. Interplay
8. Celebration Suite part I
9. Celebration Suite part II