Friday, August 31, 2007

Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior (1976)

Chick Corea - Keyboards
Stanley Clarke - Electric bass, Acoustic bass
Lenny White - Drums, Percussion
Al Di Meola - Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar

1. Medieval Overture
2. Sorceress
3. The Romantic Warrior
4. Majestic Dance
5. The Magician
6. Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant (Part I & Part II)

Return To Forever - Where Have I Known You Before (1974)

Chick Corea - Electric piano, Acoustic piano, Yamaha organ, Synthesizers, Percussion
Stanley Clarke - Electric bass, Yamaha organ, Bell tree, Chimes
Lenny White - Drums, Percussion, Congas & Bongos
Al Di Meola - Electric guitar, Acoustic twelve-string guitar

1. Vulcan Worlds
2. Where Have I Loved You Before
3. The Shadow of Lo
4. Where Have I Danced with You Before
5. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
6. Earth Juice
7. Where Have I Known You Before
8. Song to the Pharoah Kings

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Return To Forever - Hymn Of the Seventh Galaxy (1973)

Chick Corea - Electric piano, Acoustic piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Gongs
Stanley Clarke - Electric bass, Bell tree
Lenny White - Percussion
Bill Connors - Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar

1. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
2. After the Cosmic Rain
3. Captain SeƱor Mouse
4. Theme to the Mothership
5. Space Circus, Pts. 1 & 2
6. Game Maker

Return To Forever - Light As A Feather (1972)

Chick Corea - Fender Rhodes, Electric piano
Stanley Clarke - Acoustic bass
Joe Farrell - Saxophone, Flute
Flora Purim - Vocals, Percussion
Airto Moreira - Drums

1. You're Everything
2. Light as a Feather
3. Captain Marvel
4. 500 Miles High
5. Children's Song
6. Spain

The New York Saxophone Quartet (196?)

Mark Ensemble Series MES 32322

Raymond Beckenstein - Soprano Saxophone
Edwind Caine - Alto Saxophone
Albert Epstein - Tenor Saxophone
Danny Bank - Baritone Saxophone

The Modern Art Suite (Rusty Dedrick)
1. I. Impressionism
2. II. Purism
3. III. Mysticism
4. IV. Surrealism
5. V. Realism

A Study In Contrasts (Sammy Nestico)
6. I. The Demure
7. II. The Delightful

Sensitivity (Chris Dedrick)
8. I.
9. II.
10. III.

Three Entertainments (Gordon Delamont)
11. Part I
12. Part II
13. Part III

I don't know much about this LP; title and year are unknown. I have it as I really enjoyed playing "The Modern Art Suite" in college. There are not many recordings of the piece (not that I'm aware of) and this is the earliest (that I know of). I hope it's enjoyed by you as well.

Ornette Coleman - Tomorrow Is The Question (1959)

Ornette Coleman - alto sax
Don Cherry - trumpet
Percy Heath - bass (1-6)
Red Mitchell - bass (7-9)
Shelly Manne - drums

1. Tomorrow is the Question
2. Tears Inside
3. Mind and time
4. Compassion
5. Giggin'
6. Rejoicing
7. Lorraine
8. Turnaround
9. Endless

The Jazz Crusaders - Lighthouse '68 (1968)

Joe Sample - piano
Wilton Felder - tenor saxophone
Buster Williams - bass
Wayne Henderson - trombone
Stix Hooper - drums

1. Ooga Boo Ga Loo
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. Native Dancer
4. Never Had It So Good
5. The Emperor
6. Impressions

Holy Cole - Dark Dear Heart (1997)

Holly Cole - vocals
Dean Parks - guitar, 6 string bass
Greg Leisz - electric & pedal steel guitars
Jim Cox - Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Larry Klein - organ
Kevin Breit - autoharp, acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, bazouki, loops
David Piltch - guitar, mandolin, bass
Jon Hassell - trumpet
Mona Lisa Young - background vocals
Steve Tavaglione - soprano saxophone
George Koller - bass
Mark Kelso - vocals, drums, tambourine
Iki Levy - drums, programming, loops
Mark Kelso - vocals, drums, tambourine
Aaron Davis - piano, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3 organ
Helik Hadar - drums, programming

1. I've Just Seen A Face
2. Make It Go Away
3. Onion Girl
4. Dark, Dear Heart
5. You Want More
6. Timbuktu
7. World Seems To Come And go
8. River
9. Hold On
10. Brighter Lonely Day (Run, Run, Run)
11. I Told Him That My Dog Wouldn't Run
12. All The Pretty Little Horses

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Cole Trio - Don't Smoke In Bed (1993)

Holy Cole - Voice
Aaron Davis - Piano
David Piltch - Bass & Percussion
Howard Levy - Harmonica (3,5,11)
Art Avalos - Percussion (8)
Joe Henderson - Tenor Sax (6)
David Lindley - Lap Steel Guitar (2)

1. I Can See Clearly Now
2. Don't Let The Teardrops Rust Your Shinging Heart
3. Get Out Of Town
4. So And So
5. The Tennessee Waltz
6. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
7. Blame It On My Youth
8. Ev'rything I've Got
9. Je Ne T'aime Pas
10. Cry (If You Want To)
11. Que Sera Sera
12. Don't Smoke In Bed

NTSU Jazz Lab Band - Lab 82 (1982)

Saxes: Tim Ries, Scott Benner, Chip McNeill, Dave Riekenberg, Paul Baker
Trumpets: Steve Rentschler, Paul Shaghoian, Neil Harmon, Larry Engstrom, Paul Mazzio
Trombones: Chris Seiter, Tom Ashworth, Jeff Thomas, Brian Brink, John Wasson
Rhythm: Phil DeGreg (piano), Gerald Stockton (bass), Dave Miller (drums), Rick Schmunk (guitar), bob Wilkinson (percussion)

1. In A Whirl
2. Invitation
3. Satellite
4. Gazing on the Mindless Expanse
5. Like No One Else Can
6. Northern Lights

Chuck Mangione - Chase the Clouds Away (1975)

Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, Fender Rhodes piano); Esther Satterfield (vocals); Gerry Niewood (soprano & tenor saxophones, C flute, alto flute); Vincent DeRosa (French horn); Bill Reichenbach, Jr. (trombone); Kathy Moses (piccolo, flute); Edgar Lustgarten (cello); Chip Jackson (electric bass); Joe LaBarbera (drums)

1. Song Of The New Moon
2. Can't We Do This All Night
3. He Was A Friend Of Mine
4. Echano
5. Chase The Clouds Away
6. Soft

(Thanks to Alan!)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday

The site has been up for one year, as of today. Hope ya'll have enjoyed things the past year! There's still stuff to share, don't despair, more, more, more to come.

Cannonball Adderley - The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco (1959)

Cannonball Adderley - Alto Saxophone
Nat Adderely - Trumpet
Bobby Timmons - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass
Louis Hayes - Drums

1. This Here
2. Spontaneous Combustion
3. Hi-Fly
4. You Got It!
5. Bohemia After Dark (aka Birdland After Dark)
6. Straight, No Chaser

NTSU Jazz Lab Band - Lab 76! (1976)

Saxes: Roger Dismore, Dan Higgins, Mark Henderson (Pete Brewer*), Steve Spencer, Bev Dahlke
Trumpets: Chuck Schmidt, Bill Collins, Ron Bergan (Wayne George*), Doug Coltman, Clay Jenkins (Mike Davis*)
Trombones: Bill Yeager (David Bowman*), Randy Zimmerman, Ray Ross (Mike Samball*), Wayne Musselwhite, Ed Eby
Rhythm: Jim Milne (Pat Coil*) (piano), Marc Johnson (bass), John Riley (drums), Jim Chirillo (Jeff Davang*) (guitar), Gene Glover (percussion)
* On "Chief's Blues" only

1. Love Beams
2. Myth of Sisyphus
3. Chief's Blues
4. Phonk a Trois
5. Ballad for Gary
6. Labyrinth

Monday, August 20, 2007

More Art Pepper

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, here are a handful more Art Pepper recordings!

Today (1978)
Landscape (1979)
Straight Life (1979)
Winter Moon (1980)
One September Afternoon (1980)
Roadgame (1981)
Going home (1982)
Arthur's blues (1981)
Tete-a-tete (1982)
So In Love (1980)
JF-Darn That Dream (1982)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Herbie Hancock - The Best Of The Blue Note Years (1988)

Herbie Hancock (piano)
Dexter Gordon, George Coleman, Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone)
Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd (trumpet)
Thad Jones (flugelhorn)
Grachan Moncur III (trombone)
Peter Phillips (bass trombone)
Jerry Dodgion (alto flute)
Butch Warren, Ron Carter, Chuck Israels (bass)
Billy Higgins, Tony Williams, Mickey Roker (drums)

1. Watermelon Man
2. Driftin'
3. Maiden Voyage
4. Dolphin Dance
5. One Finger Snap
6. Canteloupe island
7. Riot
8. Speak Like A Child
9. King Cobra

Herbie Hancock - Future Shock (1983)

Herbie Hancock (keyboards)
Grand Mixer D.S.T. (vocals, turntables)
Pete Cosey (guitar)
Bill Laswell (electric bass)
Sly Dunbar (drums)
Bernard Fowler, Roger Trilling, Nicki Skopelitis (background vocals)

1. Rockit
2. Future Shock
3. TFS
4. Earth Beat
5. Autodrive
6. Rough

Friday, August 10, 2007

Two more good sites

I stumbled across these two sites today - both great for jazz lovers. Check 'em out!

Jazz Man!

Sunny Side of the Street

Herbie Hancock - Directstep (1978)

Herbie Hancock (synthesizers; electric piano)
Webster Lewis (synthesizers; electric piano)
Bennie Maupin (reeds)
Paul Jackson (bass)
Bill Summers (percussion)
Ray Obiedo (guitar)
Alphonse Mouzon (drums)

1. Butterfly
2. Shiftless Shuffle
3. I Thought It Was You

Herbie Hancock - Thrust (1974)

Herbie Hancock (Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, synthesizer)
Bennie Maupin (soprano & tenor saxophones, saxello, alto flute, bass clarinet)
Paul Jackson (electric bass)
Mike Clarke (drums)
Bill Summers (percussion)

1. Palm Grease
2. Actual Proof
3. Butterfly
4. Spank-A-Lee

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Herbie Hancock - Sextant (1973)

Herbie Hancock (acoustic & Fender Rhodes pianos, Clavinet, Mellotron, hand claps)
Bennie Maupin (soprano saxophone, piccolo, bass clarinet, afuche)
Dr. Eddie Henderson (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Julian Priester (alto, tenor & bass trombones, cowbell)
Dr. Patrick Gleeson (ARP synthesizer)
Buster Williams (acoustic & electric basses)
Billy Hart (drums)
Buck Clark (bongos, congas)

1. Rain Dance
2. Hidden Shadows
3. Hornets

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters (1973)

Herbie Hancock (synthesizers, electric piano)
Bennie Maupin (soprano & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, alto flute)
Paul Jackson (electric bass, marimbula)
Harvey Mason (drums)
Bill Summers (percussion)

1. Chameleon
2. Watermelon Man
3. Sly
4. Vein Melter

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Recent Re-ups

New URLs for the below...

Bob Florence - Magic Time
Woody Herman - Jazz Hoot
Bobby Shew & Chuck Findley - Trumpets No End
Louie Bellson - Hot
Clark Terry - Big Bad Band Live
Woody Herman - Roadfather
Don Ellis - Haiku
Don Ellis - How Time Passes

...check the comments.

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage (1965)

Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)
Geroge Coleman (tenor sax)
Herbie Hancock (piano)
Ron Carter (bass)
Tony Williams (drums)

1. Maiden Voyage
2. The Eye of the Hurricane
3. Little One
4. Survival of the Fittest
5. Dolphin Dance

Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles (1964)

Herbie Hancock (piano)
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)
Ron Carter (bass)
Tony Williams (drums)

1. One Finger Snap
2. Oliloqui Valley
3. Cantelope Island
4. The Egg
5. One Finger Snap (Alt. Take)
6. Oliloqui Valley (Alt. Take)

Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off (1962)

Herbie Hancock (piano)
Dexter Gordon (tenor saxophone)
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)
Butch Warren (bass)
Billy Higgins (drums)

1. Watermellon Man
2. Three Bags Full
3. Empty Pockets
4. The Maze
5. Driftin'
6. Alone and I

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers - Get The Message (1966)

Chuck Mangione, trumpet
Frank Mitchell, tenor sax
Keith Jarrett, piano
Reggie Workman, bass
Art Blakey, drums

1. Buttercorn Lady
2. Recuerdo
3. The Theme
4. Between Races
5. My Romance
6. Secret Love

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - A Night In Tunisia (1960)

Lee Morgan, trumpet
Wayne Shorter, tenor sax
Bobby Timmons, piano
Jymie Merritt, bass
Art Blakey, drums

1. A Night In Tunisia
2. Sincerely Diana
3. Sincerely Diana (alternate take)
4. So Tired
5. Yama
6. Kozo's Waltz
7. When Your Lover Has Gone

Behind a bit...

Thanks for the various tips on the broken links, I will eventually get them fixed. Thanks for your patience as I try to enjoy my summer.

Sorry guys, that's all the Art Pepper I have. I'm getting into more where I have one or two by an artist. I'll keep what I have coming, though...