Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Maynard Ferguson - Live at Peacock Lane (1956)

FSCD - 1016

Maynard Ferguson (leader, trumpet, valve trombone)
Trumpets: Ed Leddy, Joe Burnett, Tom Slaney
Trombones: Bob Fitzpatrick, Bob Burgess
Winds: Herb Geller, Richie Kamuea, Nino Tempo, Willie Maiden
Rhythm: Paul Moer (piano), Red Kelly (piano), Mel Lewis (drums)

1. Goodbye Mr Chops
2. Lady Bug
3. Velvet
4. Maynard The Fox
5. Free Lee
6. More West
7. Great Guns
8. Dancing Nitely
9. Groover Wailin'
10. Ain't Life Grand?
11. Early Hours
12. The Wailing Boat


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Maynard lives no longer at Peacock lane. This link has expired for me at least. Just giving a heads up.

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Link checked June 10, 2007 - ACTIVE. Sometimes the ShareBig links can take a little time to load, but ALL the ShareBig stuff is still active.

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