Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maynard Ferguson - Message from Maynard (1963)

Roulette R 52101

Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Gene A. Goe, Donald A. Rader, Natale Pavone
Saxes: Donald J. Menza, Lanny Morgan, William R. Maiden, Frank J. Hittner, Jr.
Trombones: Kenneth H. Rupp, John C. Gale
Rhythm: Lincoln B. Mimmiman (bass), Rufus Jones (drums), Michael C. J. Abene (piano)
(On the LP Rupp and Gale are incorrectly listed as Sax players.)

1. September Moan
2. Statement
3. Nude Mood
4. One for Otis
5. Reflection
6. Head Hunter
7. Lament for Susan
8. L & M
9. Jennifer's Bounce

Liner Notes:

     From the very beginning the Maynard Ferguson band has had a strong message to deliver. From the very beginning they have delivered this message with the force that only big band jazz is able to convey. From Newport to the college campuses, the Ferguson band has developed a style that backed by an underlying power is heard in perhaps only one other band, The Count Basie Orch. Along with Basie, Ferguson has brought new stature to big band jazz.
     The Ferguson brand of jazz is in on way a copy of Basie's brand. Ferguson as this album again so effectively points out is distinct in his approach and style. He is in many ways uniquely unlike any band playing today. He has a compact aggressive crew that is marked by talented soloists with their own ideas of what bid band jazz should do and sound like.
     The Maynard Ferguson orchestra has always sought out the exiting, has always discerned the audiences enthusiasm and transmitted that enthusiasm into even greater heights of jazz fervor. The band has always played for, and to, the audience*. Call it the "Message from Maynard." Here it in this new album.
* This is true even when in the confines of a recording studio.


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