Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Brecker Brothers - Out of the Loop (1994)

Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, EWI
Randy Brecker: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
George Whitty: Piano, Bass, Producer, Keyboards
Dean Brown: Guitar
James Genus: (1, 3-4, 7-9) Bass
Steve Jordan: (1, 7-9) Drums
Steve Thornton: (1-2, 4-5, 7-9) Percussion
Larry Saltzman: (2) Guitar
Shawn Pelton: (2) Drums
Eliane Elias: (4) Vocal, Keyboards, Producer
Rodney Holmes: (4, 5) Drums
Robbie Kilgore: Guitar, Producer, Keyboards
Maz Kessler: Producer, Keyboards

1. Slang
2. Evocations
3. Scrunch
4. Secret Heart
5. African Skies
6. When It Was
7. Harpoon
8. The Nightwalker
9. And Then She Wept

The Brecker Brothers - The Return Of The Brecker Brothers (1992)

Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone, Producer, Soprano Saxophone, Keyboards, EWI
Randy Brecker: Trumpet, Vocal, Producer, Flugelhorn
Armand Sabal: Bass, Drums, Vocal, Percussion
Max Risenhoover: Bass, Drums, Synthesizer, Cymbals
Don Alias: (1, 8, 9) Percussion
George Whitty: Keyboards, Piano
David Sanborn: (2) Alto Saxophone
Dean Brown: (2, 5, 11) Guitar
Mike Stern: (2, 4, 8-11) Guitar
Veera: (2, 3) Vocal
Maz: (3, 7) Keyboards
Dennis Chambers: (4-5, 9-11) Drums
Bashiri Johnson: (4) Percussion
James Genus: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Will Lee: (9) Bass

1. Song For Barry
2. King Of The Lobby
3. Big Idea
4. Above & Below
5. That's All There Is To It
6. Wakaria (What's Up?)
7. On The Backside
8. Sozinho (Alone)
9. Spherical
10. Good Gracious
11. Roppongi

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don Ellis - The French Connection II (1975)

Soundtrack for the 1975 film "The French Connection II."

Don Ellis - The French Connection (1971)

Soundtrack for the 1971 film "The French Connection."

Don Ellis - Haiku (1974)

1. Children
2. Blossoming
3. Water Jewel
4. Cherry Petals
5. Forest
6. Summer Rain
7. Two Autumns
8. Mirror-Pond of Stars
9. Parting
10. Dew

Don Ellis - Tears of Joy (1971)

1. Tears of Joy
2. 5/4 Getaway
3. Bulgarian Bulge
4. Get It Together
5. Quiet Longing
6. Blues in Elf
7. Loss
8. How's This for Openers?
9. Samba Bajada
10. Strawberry Soup
11. Euphoric Acid

Don Ellis - The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground (1969)

1. House in the Country
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Higher
4. Bulgarian Bulge
5. Eli's Comin'
6. Acoustical Lass
7. Goood Feelin'
8. Send My Baby Back
9. Love for Rent
10. It's Your Thing
11. Ferris Wheel
12. Black Baby

Don Ellis - Live at Monterey (1966)

1. Introduction by Jimmy Lyons (Track missing)
2. 33 222 1 222
3. Passacaglia and Fugue
4. Crete Idea
5. Concerto for Trumpet
6. 27/16
7. Beat Me Daddy, Seven to the Bar
8. New Nine

Don Ellis - New Ideas (1961)

Jaki Byard - Piano, Alto Sax
Ron Carter - Bass
Don Ellis - Trumpet
Al Francis - Vibraphone
Charlie Persip – Drums

1. Natural H.
2. Despair to Hope
3. Uh-Huh
4. Four and Three
5. Imitation
6. Solo
7. Cock and Bull
8. Tragedy

Don Ellis - How Time Passes (1960)

Jaki Byard - Piano, Also Sax
Ron Carter - Bass
Don Ellis - Trumpet
Charlie Persip - Drums

1. …How Time Passes…
2. Sallie
3. A Simplex One
4. Waste
5. Improvisational Suite # 1

More Ellis after all...

Thanks to some anonyomous donations there is more Ellis to be had. Links are posted in the comments for "All Outta Ellis" and "Live at Montreux." I will be pulling the links out of the comments into separate post here for easier viewing. Thanks to both the gents (one of whom provided 7 albums) for the links!

Monday, March 19, 2007

All Outta Ellis

All the Ellis I have is here, I have no more. I would keep it going, but, alas, I cannot!

I have been more busy lately, so the frequency of posts has slowed some, but I will keep things going, so keep coming by.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Don Ellis - Live at Montreux (1977)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Jack Coan, Gil Rather, Glenn Stuart
Trombones: Alan Kaplan, Richard Bullock
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Jim Self
Woodwinds: Ted Nash, Jim Colie, Ann Patterson, Jim Snodgrass
Strings: Laurie Badessa, Paula Hochhalter, Jimbo Ross, Pam Tompkins
Rhythm: Darrell Clayborn (Bass), Dave Crigger (Drums), Mike Englander (Percussion, Drums), Leon Gaer (Synth), Randy Kerber (Keyboards), Ruth Ritchie (Percussion)

1. Open Wide
2. Loneliness
3. Future Feature
4. Go No Go
5. Sporting Dance
6. Niner Two

Don Ellis - Music from Other Galaxies and Planets (1977)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Jack Coan, Gil Rathel, Glenn Stuart
Trombones: Richard Bullock, Alan Kaplan
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Jim Ross
Woodwinds: Ted Nash, Jim Colie, Ann Patterson, Jim Snodgrass, James Colie
Strings: Laurie Badessa, Paula Hochhalter, Jimbo Ross, Pam Tompkins, Paula Hochhalger
Rhythm: Darrell Clayborn (bass), Dave Crigger (drums), Mike Englander (drums), Randy Kerber (keyboards), Ruth Ritchie (percussion)

1. Star Wars
2. Arcturas
3. Princess Leia's Theme
4. Orion's Sword
5. Pegasus
6. Crypton (missing)
7. Lyra
8. Eros
9. Ursa
10. Vulcan

Don Ellis - Soaring (1973)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Bruce MacKay, Gil Rathel, Jack Caudill
Trombones: Mike Jamieson, Ken Sawhill
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Doub Bixby
Woodwinds: Vince Denham, Gary Herbig, Fred Selden, Sam Falzone
Strings: Renita Koven (Viola), Earle Correy (Violin), Pat Kudzia (Cello), Joel Quivey (Violin)
Rhythm: Milcho Leviev (Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Clavinet), Jay Graydon (Guitar), Ralph Humphries (Drums), Lee Pastora (Conga), Dave McDaniel (Bass), Ron Dunn (Percussion, Drums)

1. Whiplash
2. Sladka Pitka
3. Devil Made Me Write This Piece
4. Go Back Home
5. Invincible
6. Image of Maria
7. Sidone
8. Nicole

Don Ellis - Connection (1972)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Glenn Stuart, Bruce MacKay, Paul Bogosian, Gil Rather
Trombones: Glenn Ferris, Ken Sawhill
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Doug Bixby
Woodwinds: Fred Seldon, Vince Denham, Sam Falzone, Gary Herbig
Strings: Joel Quivey (violin), Earle Corey (violin), Renita Koven (viola), Pat Kudzia (cello)
Rhythm: Jay Graydon (guitar), Milcho Leviev (Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Clavinet), Dave McDaniel (Bass), Ralph Humphrey (Drums), Ron Dunn (Drums, Percussion), Lee Pastora (Conga)

1. Put It Where You Want It
2. Superstar
3. I Feel The Earth Move
4. Theme From "The French Connection"
5. Conquistador
6. Roundabout
7. Chain Reaction
8. Goodbye to Love
9. Lean On Me
10. Train To Get There

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don Ellis - Shock Treatment (1968)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Bob Harmon, Glenn Stuart, Edward Warren, Alan Weight
Trombones: Vince Diaz, Ron Myers, David Sanchez, Terry Woodson
Woodwinds: Ruben Leon, Joe Roccisano, Joe Lopez, Ira Schulman, Ron Starr, John Magruder
Rhythm: Steve Bohannon (drums), Frank DeLaRosa (bass), Alan Estes (percussion), Ralph Humphrey (vibes, percussion), Michael Lange (piano), Dave Parlato (bass), Ray Neapolitan (bass)

1. A New Kind Of Country
2. Night City
3. Homecoming
4. Mercy Maybe Mercy
5. Zim
6. Opus
7. Star Children
8. Beat Me Daddy, Seven To The Bar
9. Milo's Theme
10. The Tihai

Don Ellis - Autumn (1968)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Glenn Stuart, Stu Blumberg, John Rosenberg, Bob Harmon
Trombones: Ernie Carlson, Glenn Ferris, Don Switzer, Terry Woodson
Tuba: Doug Bixby, Roger Bobo
Woodwinds: Ira Schulman, Frank Strozier, Ron Starr, Sam Falzone, John Klemmer, John Magruder
Rhythm: Pete Robinson (pianos), Mike Lang (pianos), Ray Neapolitan (bass), Dave Parlato (bass), Ralph Humphrey (drums), Gene Strimling (drums), Lee Pastora (conga), Mark Stevens (vibes, percussion)

1. Variations for Trumpet
2. Scratt & Fluggs
3. Pussy Wiggle Stomp
4. K.C. Blues – Live
5. Child of Ecstacy
6. Indian Lady – Live

Don Ellis - Electric Bath (1967)

LP, Columbia, CL 2785

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Glenn Stuart, Alan Weight, Ed Warren, Bob Harmon
Trombones: Ron Myers, Dave Sanchez, Terry Woodson
Woodwinds: Ruben Leon, Joe Roccisano, Ira Schulman, Ron Starr, John Magruder
Rhythm: Mike Lang (keyboards), Ray Neapolitan (bass, sitar), Frank De La Rosa (bass), Dave Parlato (bass), Steve Bohannon (drums), Mark Stevens (percussion), Alan Estes (percussion)

1. Indian Lady
2. Alone (Bossa Neuva Nova)
3. Turkish Bath
4. Open Beauty
5. New Horizons

Don Ellis - Out Of Nowhere (1961)

Paul Bley - Piano
Don Ellis - Trumpet
Steve Swallow - Bass

1. Sweet and Lovely
2. My Funny Valentine
3. I Love You (take 2)
4. I'll Remember April
5. Just One Of Those Things (take 8)
6. You Stepped On A Dream
7. All The Things You Are
8. Out Of Nowhere
9. Just One Of Those Things (take 5)
10. I Love You (take 1)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Brecker Brothers - Collection Volume Two (1991)

Randy Brecker - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Michael Brecker - Tenor Sax
Plus a lot of others...

1. Rocks
2. A Creature of Many Faces
3. Funky Sea, Funky Dew (live)
4. Skunk Funk (live)
5. Sponge (live)
6. Squids (live)
7. Tee'd Off
8. Squish
9. Baffled
10. Not Ethiopia
11. Jacknife

The Brecker Brothers - Collection Volume One (1990)

Randy Brecker - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Michael Brecker - Tenor Sax
Plus a whole lot of others...

1. Skunk Funk
2. Sponge
3. Squids
4. Funky Sea, Funky Dew
5. Inside Out
6. Dream Theme
7. I Don't Know Either
8. Bathsheba
9. Straphangin'
10. Threesome
11. East River

Friday, March 02, 2007

Don Sebesky - The Rape of El Morro (1975)

Trumpets: Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis
Trombones: Wayne Andre, Barry Rogers, Sonny Russo, Tony Studd
Woodwinds: Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Ray Beckenstetein, Harvey Estrin, Walt Levinsky, George Marge, Al Regni
Rhythm: Roland Hanna (keyboards), Don Sebesky (keyboards, arranger), Joe Beck (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), George Devens (percussion), Phil Kraus (percussion)
Strings: Harry Cykman, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Harry Lookofsky, David Nadien, Matthew Raimondi (violin); Jean Dane, Manny Vardi (viola); Seymour Barab, Charles McCracken (cello); Joan LaBarbara (vcl)

1. The Rape of El Morro
2. Moon Dreams
3. Skyliner
4. The Entertainer
5. Footprints of the Giants
6. Lucky Seven

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Don Sebesky - I Remember Bill (1998)

Tons of artists. Review personnel here.

1. Waltz for Debbie
2. I Remember Bill
3. So What
4. Quiet Now
5. All The Things You Are
6. Peace Piece
7. Bill, Not Gil
8. Very Early
9. t.t.t.t. (twelve tone tune two)
10. Autumn Leaves
11. Blue In Green
12. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
13. Epilogue
14. Bill Evans Interview

Ladd McIntosh Big Band - Energy (1982)

LP, SeaBreeze, SB 2007

Composer, Arranger, Conductor: Ladd McIntosh
Winds: John Crosse, Steve Fowler, Jim Snodgrass, Mike Nelson, Mike Galbraith
Trumpets: Joe Davis, Ron Vermillion, Dave Cushman, Bobby Pickwood, Rich Cooper
Trombones: Jeff Enloe, Bruce Otto, Bruce Fowler, Don Bower
Rhythm: Fred Schwam (keyboards), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Scott Page (drums), Del Blake (percussion)

1. Sute Mesa
    I. A Little Left-handed Groin Music, Pliz
    II. Transparencies (Stoned Sex at 3 AM)
    III. Last Day of a Panic
2. Little Flannie's Doozits
3. Killer Joe
4. La Penultima ("La Panocha Penultima")
5. Hey Babe, Wah Yew So Fonky?