Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kansas City Boulevard Big Band - Kansas City Boulevard Big Band (1994)

Saxes: Bill Caldwell, Vince Gnojak, Craig Treinen, Paul Harr, Tod Wilkinson, Carl Bender, Doug Talley, James Issac, Eric McGinnis, Jim Vandel
Trumpets: Jay Sollenberger, Al Pearson, Steve Malloy, Dave Aaberg, Rene Bernard, Chuck Tumlinson, Michael McGraw
Trombones: Greg Finch, Jim Cann, Matt Kern, Bruce Tychinski, Lindsey Willams, Norm Vagn, Lee Hill Kavanugh
Rhythm: Wayne Hawkins, Paul Hofmann, Joe Cartwright (piano), Tim Brewer, James Jeffley, Bob Bowman (bass), Danny Embrey (guitar), Tod Straight, Tom Morgan (drums)

1. Revenge of the Cow
2. There will Never be Another You (featuring Kevin Mahogony)
3. Widow's Walk
4. What'll I Do
5. The Cheese that Time Forgot
6. I Concentrate on You (featuring Karrin Allyson)
7. Return of the Mid-Brain Revivalist
8. Yes I Do
9. Skydance
10. Midge's Late Valentine
11. Someday My Prince Will Come

The unit's self-titled Sea Breeze Jazz album is one of the real gems among the swollen ranks of the big band dates this year. The titles of the original fare like "Revenge of the Cow" and "The Cheese that Time Forgot" only begin to hint at the hip attitude these KC jazzers reflect. With an abundance of the first rate soloists at his command — saxophonists Craig Treinen and Bill Caldwell, among others, are sensational. Leader/trumpeter Michael McGraw has the stuff that's needed to update a Kansas City big band tradition that includes Count Basie, among others of note. Balancing the program with arrangements of such classic titles as "What'll I Do" and featuring guest vocals by Concord Jazz artist Karrin Allyson and emerging Enja label star Kevin Mahogany, this record achieves a nice balance of styles. But it's the band's energy and versatility that forms the strong, lasting impression."

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