Friday, November 10, 2006

Ladd McIntosh Big Band - Bulbous Garlic Blues (1992)

Reeds: Glen Garrett, John Crosse, Steve Fowler, Jim Snodgrass, Ray Reed, Kurt McGettrick
Trumpets: R.C. Bob Clark, Wayne Bergeron, Louise Baranger, Bob Summers, Peter Olstad, Doug Schnarf, George Stone
Trombones: Eric Jorgensen, Bruce Fowler, Alex Iles, Ken Foberg, Rich Bullock
Rhythm: Geoff Stradling (piano), Jerry Watts (bass), Rod Harbour (drums)
Vocals: Cheryl Bentyne

1. Mini-Q
2. Jeannine
3. The Fugu Express
4. Mack The Knife
5. Moonrise
6. Pismo Gizmo
7. Coyote Woman Blues
8. The Woman With The Laughing Eyes
9. The Masquerade Is Over
10. Bumps
11. Saving All My Love / Teach Me Tonight
12. Bulbous Garlic Blues


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General comment on the entire blog:INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for good post

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thanks a lot i'm a bigbands fan and i
appreciate ; Don sebesky is one of my favourites arrangers , have you a link for "rape of el moro"lp. ?