Wednesday, November 01, 2006

(repost) Bill Yeager's LA Jazz Workshop - Medium Basie Swing (1988)

Personnel Tracks 1 - 5:
Winds: Dan Pelfrey, Mark Markus, Gary Meek, Frank Silva, Dave Rosentha
Trumpets: Stan Hernacki, Erik Rose, George Baker, Ron Meza, Jon Papenbrook, John Bambridge
Trombones: Rob Boone, Alex Iles, Ron Hess, Gary Bushart
Rhythm: Scott Collard (keyboards), Daryl Caraco (guitar), Michael Lufkin (bass), Ken Maldonado (drums) Brad Dutz (percussion)

Personnel Tracks 6 - 12:
Winds: Gary Meek, Kathy Cochran, Harold Manning, Les Rose, Dave Rosenthal
Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Pat Mullin, George Baker, Kevin Brown, Jon Papenbrook, Steve Dillard
Trombones: Alex Iles, Ron Hess, John Aldred, Brent Decker, Bob Heller
Rhythm: Mike Daigeau (synth), Jennifer Morris (keyboards), Tom Hynes (guitar), Baron Wolfe (bass), Allen Carter (drums)

1.Medium Basie Swing
2.Take It To The Ozone
3.Stan's Donuts
4.Yes & No
5.Let's Eat Carcass
6.Can't Say What I Feel
7.Angel Eyes
8.Mickey's Revenge
9.The Shopwork Shuffle
10.Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat
12.Close The Door

Liner Notes:

First of all, I'm not amazed at Bill Yeager and the L.A. Jazz Workshop. They have been performing miracles for a long time. I take my new charts to them to hear the results first. What a thrill for me. I also get a chance to sit in too. This Workshop has always been a unique blend of people of ages ranging from 18 to 67. They are full-time professionals not only as musicians, but as lawyers, contractors, doctors, teachers, etc. They want to play music the believe in. They play with great enthusiasm and have fun. Bill, you've done a great job, and you and the band deserve to have this album played so everyone can hear it. Continue on my friend -- there are great things ahead. I'll be pluggin' for you and the band always. WOW - WHAT AN ALBUM.
- Louis Bellson (8/18/85)

Bill Yeager founded the Los Angeles Jazz Workshop in 1979 to fill the gap between the traditional school of music program and professional capability. It has since evolved into a mecca of professionals who deeply believe in the jazz art form and to expanding his or her musical potential. The workshop performs music of the highest artistic merit, with no constraints to commercialism or other pressures so prevelant in today's music scene.
Bill Yeager received his bachelor and master of music degrees from North Texas State University. He has pursued an active performing career as a trombonist on hundreds of studio sessions and live concerts. Bill is a respected jazz and brass clinician and is featured as a soloist at many jazz festivals.
In 1985, Bill became an Associate Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies at San Diego State University. He maintains the duties of college professor, professional musician, and director of the L.A. Jazz Workshop by piloting his private airplane between Los Angeles and San Diego.


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