Tuesday, December 05, 2006

UNLV Jazz Ensemble - Caliente, Muy Caliente (1991)

Guest Soloist: Don Menza
Saxes: Tony Micheletty, Rob Mader, Russell Burt, Doc Brown, Nate McClendon
Trumpets: Tim Jones, Glenn Colby, Gary Cordell, Paul Pugh, Kim Peterson
Trombones: Aldofo Ruiz, Neil Maxa, Chris Nelson, Jerald Gray
Rhythm: Frank Salerno (piano), Steve Barclay (bass), Joe Malone (drums)

1. Just Friends
2. All The Things You Are
3. Rose Tattoo
4. A Night In Windsor
5. BBC
6. Red Men's Revenge
7. Shuffle Brothers
8. Imagine What A Change Will Do
9. Samba DeRollins


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