Thursday, December 28, 2006

Petite Blonde - Petite Blonde (1992)

Bill Evans - Soprano & Tenor Sax
Chuck Loeb - Guitar
Mitch Foreman - Keyboards
Victor Bailey - Bass
Dennis Chambers - Drums

1. Two Price Hit
2. Brancas Hal
3. Millenium
4. Oh So Hip
5. Daddy's Long Leg
6. The Watcher
7. Captain Brutis

"One of the most exciting progressive jazz combos since Miles Davis' various sidemen formed Return to Forever and Weather Report some two decades ago, the Petite Blonde quintent's new live recording features the same up-tempo, energetic fusion jazz as those two '70s combos.

Composed of bassist Victor Bailey, drummer Dennis Chambers, keyboardist Mitch Forman, guitarist Chuck Loeb and saxophonist Bill Evans, Petite Blonde's hard-driving performance can cause even listeners to break out in a good sweat.

The band is always melodic, never allowing exuberance or imagination to get out of control. At the same time, as soloists the give musicians continually push each toher further and further, until each song reaches a crescendo of ideas.

It's pretty heady stuff, and a heck of a lot of fun to listen to."


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Great Album....Thanks six-by-six

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thanx for this ,but the file is deleted...

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Link checked and is still active; it has not been deleted.