Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chase - Listen To Her Sing (1996)

Trumpets: Bill Chase, Ted Piercefield, Jerry Van Blair, Alan Ware
Valve Trombone: Piercefield
Guitar: Angel Smith
Bass: Dennis Johnson
Keyboards: Phil Porter
Drums: Jay Burrid (1-5,7); Gary Smith (6,8-13)
Vocal: Terry Richards (2-5); GG Shinn (12,13); Ted Piercefield (6,8,9,12)

1-5,7: 1971 appearance on a Chicago TV show
6,8-11: 1972 studio session
12,13: Live concert

1. Open Up Wide
2. Handbags and Gladrags
3. Woman of the Dark
4. Listen To Her Sing
5. Get It On
7. Hades
8. Frustration
9. Dead
10. Close Up Tight
11. Twinkles
12. Bits and Pieces
13. Celebrate


six-by-six said...

Don said...

Wnat a great selection to share. I've been a Chase fan since the early seventies, and appreciate your sharing this one. Thanks!

six-by-six said...

N E W : Listen To Her Sing

Spitvalvejr said...

Could you repost this? I have been looking for this album and cannot find it anywhere!

Jamie said...

I'd love to get this as well...could you reupload?