Monday, January 28, 2008

Find something dead?

Post a reply here and I'll try to get things reuploaded when I can. I know that the Sharebig links sometimes don't always work, and some files have been deleted in various places. Just let me know what looks gone and I'll take a look and post a new link when possible. I'll revise the list below as new links are posted.

Been very busy lately getting ready for the new arrival (baby) and have been looking for a new job, so I've had little time to spend here. I still have some re-ups that I am working to get to.

Recently revised posts:

Miles Davis - Milestones
Miles Davis - The Complete Concert
Buddy Rich - The Jazz Collection Edition
Maynard Ferguson - Maynard '61
Bob Mintzer - Art of the Big Band
Bob Mintzer - Spectrum
Vaughn Nark - Panorama
Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Autumn Leaves
Bill Holman - The Norwegian Radio Big Band Meets Bill Holman
John Fedchock - New York Big Band
Maynard Ferguson - Live at The Basement
Joe Sullivan Big Band - Stop and Listen
Charles Mingus - Epitaph
Ken Schaphorst Big Band - Purple
Various Artists - Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich Volume II
Joe Henderson - Big Band
Tough Young Tenors - Alone Together
Buddy Rich - The Greatest Drummer That Ever Lived
Arturo Sandoval - Swingin'
The Brecker Brothers - Out Of The Loop
Either/Orchestra - The Calculus of Pleasure
Don Sebesky - Full Cycle
Maynard Ferguson- Body and Soul
Maynard Ferguson - Newport Suite
Maynard Ferguson - 1969
Various Artists - Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich Volume I
Paquito D'Rivera & The United Nations Orchestra - A Night in Englewood
Maynard Ferguson - Swingin' My Way Through College
Maynard Ferguson - Come Blow Your Horn
Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra - Carnegie Hall Concert
McCoy Tyner Big Band - The Turning Point
Maynard Ferguson - A Message from Birdland
Lew Soloff - Hanalei Bay


bonecat caliente said...

AMAZING blog here, superb music which everyone should be aware of.
You have got my personal taste of modern big band down to a tea and MF is the true MF! ;O)
I am gonna have a huge list of re-ups for you if you can, specially as the sharebig site is down and seemingly useless to me.
I could possibly contribute some of my collection if you wanna silent partner.
Anyways, can you please re-up these for starters:
*Bob Mintzer-Art of big band & Spectrum
*Vaughn Nark
Email me see if we can sort an arrangement out.

Dean said...

Hi there,
I wondered if you would consider re - upping the Manhattan Jazz Quintet album,I had this a long time ago on vinyl and had always enjoyed it, but made the classic mistake of lending it out to someone and never seeing it again!
Thanks for all your work, it is MUCH appreciated!
Cheers dean

roberto t. said...

Well, the Joe Henderson Big Band has never worked. I wonder if you can fix it. Joe Henderson put a lot of work in that project, should be interesting, I suppose, Thank you and many compliments, quite a few treasures here!

bonecat caliente said...

THANKS for the recent re-ups.

When you have a spare min or two, could you please hook these back:

Maynard live at the basement.
John Fedchock new york big band
Burning for buddy volume 2


jayhsee said...

Could you repost Burning For Buddy vols. 1 and 2?
Thanks! Have a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

This blog is E X C E L L E N T ! ! ! Many thanks for the great posts. Could you please re-up "Paquito D'Rivera & The United Nations Orchestra - A Night in Englewood (1993)" when you have a chance?


Anonymous said...

First it must be said that this is a really good blog!
Second, it's a pity that postings like:

- Maynard Ferguson - 1969 (1969)
- Maynard Ferguson - Swinging My Way Through College (1958)
-Maynard Ferguson - Come Blow Your Horn (1964)
- Woody Herman - Jazz Hoot (1974
- Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra - Carnegie Hall Concert (1992

are not available any more! They are all fantastic records

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog!

Could you please repost Chuck Mangione - "Tarantella" and "Live at the Village Gate"?

Thank you very much!!!

roberto t. said...

Well, it seems that the McCoy Tyner Big Band looks dead...

vonjazz said...

Great site. Great MF collection.
Looks like Message from Birdland
is dead. Can you reactivate?


colinb said...

could you re-post the lew soloff hanalei bay-i had it years ago it's great
great blog

Big Papi said...

I Love you spot, great music. Could you possibly re-post Buddy Rich, "Compact Jazz". And stop by my spot at

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for helping to keep REAL music alive!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Tyner's Big Band is fine, I appreciate your work very much, wonderful!

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the doc said...

great site!! I appreciate all your hard work and hope your child is the light of your life!!

Could you re-up these dead Holmans?

Bill Holman - Bill Holman's Great Big Band (1958)
Bill Holman - Brilliant Corners (1997)
Bill Holman - A View From The Side (1995)
Bill Holman - The Bill Holman Band Live (2004)



Anonymous said...

this is an awesome blog, i spent the last 2 days at a high school big band jazz festival and was inspired to check out some recordings...great stuff...i will be back often

triacus said...

Can you please re-post

Chase - Listen To Her Sing (1996

Many thanks.

triacus said...

Oops, sorry, found the new link, thanks.....

Anonymous said...

Can you please re post
North Texas State University - LAB '75! (1975 )
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Could you re-post in rapidshare o zshare this album ? North Texas State University - LAB '75! (1975 ) Your blog is the best ! great music !
Every day I cheek this...

markheath said...

I thought I was an attentive Maynard fan, but you have records here that are new to me. Many many thanks for sharing them. And best of luck with your growing family.

Juan said...

Please , can you repost this amazing album ?
North Texas State University - LAB '75! ( Lyle Mays )
Best Regards

marlon said...

please, could you repost the ornete coleman´s Tomorrow is the Question ?

thanks a lot

from Brasil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great site! Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich albums are what got me into jazz!
Congratulations with your baby girl and good luck with the job search!

Could you repost MF Horn 3 (bad link)?

Great job on this much needed site!

Anonymous said...

Have just discovered your blog, You post some attractive music. A pity that much of it is simply not accessible. Miles Ahead (Miles Davis) & Autumn (Don Ellis) are two such examples. Would very much appreciate them being reoposted.
Best wishes
K in Bangkok

Anonymous said...

Dear six-by-six,

Thank you for the great site. Unfortunately, many tempting albums have dead links. I would appreciate (and I'm sure many others too) if you could re-post all albums by Bill Holman and Don Ellis.
Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hope you've found a good job and your daughter and family are doing well ; )

Is there a chance for Autumn by Don Ellis????

Either way, hope your life is going well ; )

Thanks & Cheers! audiohistory ; )

Brian said...

Love your site. I have tons of these on vinyl and have been looking for a long time for many of them on CD/mp3. Can you please repost:

Don Ellis - Autumn, Connection, Tears of Joy, & Shock Treatment
Buddy Rich - Buddy & Soul
Chuck Mangione - Tarantella
Maynard Ferguson - MF Horn 3, Live from S.F., Ballad Style of, Riding High, Live at Great American Hall, Footpath Cafe, New Sounds, '62, '63, Let's Face
Stan Kenton - In Hi-Fi
Woody Herman - Raven Speaks, Woody's Winners

Thanks! Keep up the great posts!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm new to your site...but have been pillaging it today for some great new music. I'm guessing you're a fellow Trumpet player (by the selection).
Would love to check out the Vaughn Nark album is possible. All links are down, unfortunately :o(

JSLIII said...

Hello. Would you pretty please re-up M.F. Horn 3? My LP finally melted due to too much use. Thanks for your effort.

Bill said...

Please.. Woody Herman Jazz Hoot?? Thank you in advance and great blog!

Nathan said...

Hi...Could you please repost:

1. Bob Mintzer - Incredible Journey

2.Matt Catingub - I'm Getting Cement All Over Ewe

and please please please:

3. The UNC Jazz Lab Band 1 - Off the Cuff
(my 1st and closest jazz teacher in college was one of the trombone players, and he recently passed away, and there's not a lot of him recorded, and that along with the front scan would mean very much to me)


kn21cc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kn21cc said...

What a great post!
I'm glad to listen these legendary MF albums in particular.
Thank you for re-up.

Anonymous said...

buddy, can you upload again the album Out Of Nowhere by Don Ellis? I´d appreciate your generousity.

Henry said...

Chance to re-up Anaconda from Dave Stahl?