Monday, October 01, 2007

Tough Young Tenors - Alone Together (1991)

James Carter, Tenor Saxophone (1,6,9,11)
Tim Warfield, Tenor Saxophone (4,5,10,11)
Walter Blanding, Tenor Saxophone (1,7,8,11)
Todd Williams, Tenor Saxophone (2,4,8,11)
Herb Harris, Tenor Saxophone (3,6,10,11)
Marcus Roberts, Piano
Reginald Veal, Bass
Ben Riley, Drums

1. Jim Dog
2. Just You Just Me
3. You Go To My Head
4. Stevie
5. The Break Through
6. Alone Together
7. Ask Me Now
8. Blues On The Corner
9. Chelsea Bridge
10. Calvary
11. The Eternal Triangle


six-by-six said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Six By Six, I can not do (lower) the CD. The link this with problems?
Osvaldo - Brasil

six-by-six said...

Alone Together

ThorZeen said...

Never heard of this particular group, but how do I love 'em. Thanks.