Friday, January 12, 2007

Vaughn Nark - Panorama (2004)

Vaughn Nark (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, valve trombone, percussion); Tim Eyermann (alto sax, flute, bass flute); Pete BarenBregge (alto sax); Peter Fraize (tenor sax); Pete BarenBregge (alto sax (2)), Dave Steinmeyer (trombone); Dave Steinmeyer (trombone (2)); Wade Beach (piano), Rick Whitehead (guitar); Dave Marsh (bass (1,3,7,8); Tom Williams (bass (2,4,9,10)); Ronnie Shaw (drums (1-3,5,7,8,10)); Keith Killgo (drums (4,9)).

1. Works Song
2. Lullaby Of Broadway
3. Crush On You
4. Birk's Works
5. All Blues
6. Cavatina
7. Over The Rainbow
8. Europa
9. Trinidad Goodbye
10. America


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:o( All links are down for this one. Vaughn is a ridiculous Trumpet player (in a good way). Would love to check this out