Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two In One: Airmen of Note & Shorty Rogers

(Provided by Jayhsee - thanks!)

Airmen of Note - Somewhere Out There (1986)

Woodwinds: Joe Eckert, Alto; Saul Miller, Alto; Pete BarenBregge, Tenor; Doug Gately, Tenor; Don New, Baritone
Trumpets: Vaughn Nark, Jimmy Lay Ken Smukal (tracks 1-9), Larry Trautman, Bruce Gates (track 10)
Trombones: Dave Steinmeyer, Rick Lillard, Gary Hall, Paul Rawlins
Rhythm: Rick Whitehead, Guitar; Mike Rubin, Piano; Tom Williams, Bass (tracks 1-9); Paul Henry, Bass (track 10); C.E. Askew, Drums
Vocalist: Bobbie McCleary

1. Take The "A" Train
2. It Could Happen To You
3. Over The Rainbow
4. Caravan
5. C Jam Blues
6. The More I See You
7. I Get A Kick Out Of You
8. Body And Soul
9. Spain
10. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
11. Somewhere Out There

Shorty Rogers - Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan (1959)

1. The Elephant's Wail
2. Los Barbados Paradise Found
3. Trapped
4. Los Primitivos
5. Oomgawa
6. Tarzanic Suite


six-by-six said...

Somewhere Out There, Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan

Anonymous said...

Any chance of this Shorty being re-upped?
Great site man, lots of awesome stuff!

Tom Tom Brown