Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra - Up Your Brass (2002)

Saxes: Valerie Gillespie, Alto/Flute; Mike Gibilisco, Alto; Mike Mcarthur, Tenor; Mike Dietz, Tenor/Alto/Soprano; Butch Evans, Bari
Trombones: Keith Oshiro, Chris Price, Marius Dicpetris, Bob Medlin
Trumpets: Dan McMillion, Soloist/Leader; Chad Shoopman, Lead; John Robinson, Split Lead; Andy Reese, Matt White, Wayne Daughtry (2,4)
Rhythm: Richard Drexler, Piano; Chris Queenan, Bass; Gerald Myles, Drums; Nemil Chabeebe, Latin Percussion; Peter Monaya Hagsholm, Guitar (4,11,13)

1. You Got It
2. Spirit Of St. Frederick
3. Norwegian Wood
4. Maria
5. Change Up
6. Dolphin Dance
7. Saturnian Sleigh Ride
8. People
9. Last Dive
10. Blues For Red
11. The Chicken
12. Hot House
13. Gonna Fly Now - (from "Rocky")

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Up Your Brass (Thanks to Jayhsee!)