Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maynard Ferguson - Uncle Joe Shannon (1979)

Music by Bill Conti from the movie, "Uncle Joe Shannon".

1. Seascape
2. Evening Concert
3. Fire Tragedy
4. Alone Again
5. Return To The Sea
6. Uncle Joe
7. Hot Nights
8. The Goose
9. Hard Time


six-by-six said...

Uncle Joe Shannon (Thanks to Jayhsee!)

Pekis said...


Did you see these MF albums ?

Thank you for all the MF posts !

six-by-six said...

I did, yes, thank you.

Two's Company has been posted here already.

I have Play's Jazz for Dancing and can't believe that I haven't posted it already! I'll have to review my MF stuff and make sure it's all up on the site.

Anonymous said...

great man
thank you a lot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rapidshare is horrible. Please do not take the above advice and do NOT use rapidshare.

emersax said...

Friend I lost this album that I lowered the much time. e I started again has as you to postar in other Servers? one I hug.

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you PLEASE upload somewhere this album again?!