Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bill Watrous - Manhattan Wildlife Refuge (1974)

Partial personnel:
Joe Randazzo, Trombone
Charles Small, Trombone
Danny Stiles, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alan Gauvin, Flute, Sax (Soprano)
Joe Beck, Guitar
Dick Hyman, Synthesizer, Piano, Piano (Electric)
Bill Watrous, Trombone, Arranger, Main Performer

1. Spain
2. Sho
3. Dichotomy
4. Zip City
5. Fourth Floor Walk-Up
6. Dee Dee
7. Ayo


six-by-six said...

Manhattan Wildlife Refuge (Thanks to Jayhsee!)

Anonymous said...

GREAT ! Very interesting version of Spain

big thanx

ps: I love the sound of trombone

jlb418 said...

love your blog!!!!I have not heard this in over 20 years used to have the album do not know whatever happened to it thanks for posting this

Anonymous said...

Could someone re-upload this? Also, does anyone have Bill Watrous' "Tiger Of San Pedro" album? Thanks!