Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NTSU Jazz Lab Band - Lab 82 (1982)

Saxes: Tim Ries, Scott Benner, Chip McNeill, Dave Riekenberg, Paul Baker
Trumpets: Steve Rentschler, Paul Shaghoian, Neil Harmon, Larry Engstrom, Paul Mazzio
Trombones: Chris Seiter, Tom Ashworth, Jeff Thomas, Brian Brink, John Wasson
Rhythm: Phil DeGreg (piano), Gerald Stockton (bass), Dave Miller (drums), Rick Schmunk (guitar), bob Wilkinson (percussion)

1. In A Whirl
2. Invitation
3. Satellite
4. Gazing on the Mindless Expanse
5. Like No One Else Can
6. Northern Lights


jayhsee said...

Hi! The link does not seem to work. Thanks!!

six-by-six said...

Thanks for letting me know - here's the corrected link: Lab 82

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scott said...


Does anyone know who did the arrangement of Invitation on this record ?