Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chuck Mangione - Chase the Clouds Away (1975)

Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, Fender Rhodes piano); Esther Satterfield (vocals); Gerry Niewood (soprano & tenor saxophones, C flute, alto flute); Vincent DeRosa (French horn); Bill Reichenbach, Jr. (trombone); Kathy Moses (piccolo, flute); Edgar Lustgarten (cello); Chip Jackson (electric bass); Joe LaBarbera (drums)

1. Song Of The New Moon
2. Can't We Do This All Night
3. He Was A Friend Of Mine
4. Echano
5. Chase The Clouds Away
6. Soft

(Thanks to Alan!)


six-by-six said...

Chase the Clouds Away

freejazzcat said...

Wow, I have a very warm spot in my heart for this recording and appreciate your making it available! Cheers.