Thursday, August 30, 2007

The New York Saxophone Quartet (196?)

Mark Ensemble Series MES 32322

Raymond Beckenstein - Soprano Saxophone
Edwind Caine - Alto Saxophone
Albert Epstein - Tenor Saxophone
Danny Bank - Baritone Saxophone

The Modern Art Suite (Rusty Dedrick)
1. I. Impressionism
2. II. Purism
3. III. Mysticism
4. IV. Surrealism
5. V. Realism

A Study In Contrasts (Sammy Nestico)
6. I. The Demure
7. II. The Delightful

Sensitivity (Chris Dedrick)
8. I.
9. II.
10. III.

Three Entertainments (Gordon Delamont)
11. Part I
12. Part II
13. Part III

I don't know much about this LP; title and year are unknown. I have it as I really enjoyed playing "The Modern Art Suite" in college. There are not many recordings of the piece (not that I'm aware of) and this is the earliest (that I know of). I hope it's enjoyed by you as well.