Friday, March 02, 2007

Don Sebesky - The Rape of El Morro (1975)

Trumpets: Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis
Trombones: Wayne Andre, Barry Rogers, Sonny Russo, Tony Studd
Woodwinds: Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Ray Beckenstetein, Harvey Estrin, Walt Levinsky, George Marge, Al Regni
Rhythm: Roland Hanna (keyboards), Don Sebesky (keyboards, arranger), Joe Beck (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), George Devens (percussion), Phil Kraus (percussion)
Strings: Harry Cykman, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Harry Lookofsky, David Nadien, Matthew Raimondi (violin); Jean Dane, Manny Vardi (viola); Seymour Barab, Charles McCracken (cello); Joan LaBarbara (vcl)

1. The Rape of El Morro
2. Moon Dreams
3. Skyliner
4. The Entertainer
5. Footprints of the Giants
6. Lucky Seven


six-by-six said...

File Size: 33MB

alpax said...

Thank you for using Mediafire for this upload. For some reason, when trying to download an album from Sharebig I am dealt a rather large text file!

There are two Woody Herman albums I would love to have if you ever have time to repost them on Mediafire: Heavy Exposure and the '59 band at Monterey.

As always, you are coming up with some great choices for us big band jazz fans. Many thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for my request "rape of el morro".