Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don Ellis - Electric Bath (1967)

LP, Columbia, CL 2785

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Glenn Stuart, Alan Weight, Ed Warren, Bob Harmon
Trombones: Ron Myers, Dave Sanchez, Terry Woodson
Woodwinds: Ruben Leon, Joe Roccisano, Ira Schulman, Ron Starr, John Magruder
Rhythm: Mike Lang (keyboards), Ray Neapolitan (bass, sitar), Frank De La Rosa (bass), Dave Parlato (bass), Steve Bohannon (drums), Mark Stevens (percussion), Alan Estes (percussion)

1. Indian Lady
2. Alone (Bossa Neuva Nova)
3. Turkish Bath
4. Open Beauty
5. New Horizons


six-by-six said...

Electric Bath - 41MB

Anonymous said...

Your generousity warms the heart and feeds the soul. Thank you for your postings!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Love IT!! Tears of Joy by chance? LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I dig the new big band sound. Do you have some Koglmann in the vaults? Thanks for sharing

CHIMPY said...

Good call on the Ellis. Solid!!

Don said...

Ellis, Elllis, Ellis....great!