Monday, March 12, 2007

Don Ellis - Live at Montreux (1977)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Jack Coan, Gil Rather, Glenn Stuart
Trombones: Alan Kaplan, Richard Bullock
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Jim Self
Woodwinds: Ted Nash, Jim Colie, Ann Patterson, Jim Snodgrass
Strings: Laurie Badessa, Paula Hochhalter, Jimbo Ross, Pam Tompkins
Rhythm: Darrell Clayborn (Bass), Dave Crigger (Drums), Mike Englander (Percussion, Drums), Leon Gaer (Synth), Randy Kerber (Keyboards), Ruth Ritchie (Percussion)

1. Open Wide
2. Loneliness
3. Future Feature
4. Go No Go
5. Sporting Dance
6. Niner Two


six-by-six said...

Live at Montreux - 66MB

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I guess this one is from Mr. D. Ellis too


pinky said...

go man go!!

steve said...

any more Ellis? This is great!!

Anonymous said...

don't stop the ellis now man. roll on!!

zutalors said...


I have this concert on the new cd release with 3 tracks never before released (lyra, eros & arcturus).
do you want a rapidshare link.


six-by-six said...

Doug -

That would be quite nice, if you don't mind. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Filesend is cruel. This one has hit the link graveyard as well.

Anonymous said...

My mistake! This one lives on in spite of the darkness that looms near!

Viva La Mediafire...

douglass said...

i forgot to reply you, here you can find the don ellis + bonus tracks:



six-by-six said...

New Link: Live at Montreux