Monday, March 12, 2007

Don Ellis - Music from Other Galaxies and Planets (1977)

Trumpets: Don Ellis, Jack Coan, Gil Rathel, Glenn Stuart
Trombones: Richard Bullock, Alan Kaplan
French Horn: Sidney Muldrow
Tuba: Jim Ross
Woodwinds: Ted Nash, Jim Colie, Ann Patterson, Jim Snodgrass, James Colie
Strings: Laurie Badessa, Paula Hochhalter, Jimbo Ross, Pam Tompkins, Paula Hochhalger
Rhythm: Darrell Clayborn (bass), Dave Crigger (drums), Mike Englander (drums), Randy Kerber (keyboards), Ruth Ritchie (percussion)

1. Star Wars
2. Arcturas
3. Princess Leia's Theme
4. Orion's Sword
5. Pegasus
6. Crypton (missing)
7. Lyra
8. Eros
9. Ursa
10. Vulcan


six-by-six said...

Music from Other Galaxies and Planets - 50MB

Anonymous said...

Now we are cooking,Six-by-Six. Mediafire seems to be one that takes a linking and keeps on ticking

Thanks so much for this I thought I had missed my chance on another jazz blog.

six-by-six said...

New Link: Music from...