Friday, October 20, 2006

North Texas State University - LAB '75! (1975)

Winds: Roger Dismore, Bill Keil, Peter L. Brewer, Richard Kent, Jim Prichard
Trumpets: Richard Steffen, James Linahon, Wayne George, Robert Kase, Raymond Sasaki
Trombones: Bill Yeager, Gerard Carelli, Ray Ross, Mack McGrannahan, Bill Guthrie
Rhythm: Lyle Mays (piano), Steve Houghton (drums), Marc Johnson (bass), Jeff Davang (guitar), Pat Coil (Fender Rhodes)

1. F.M.
2. Overture to the Royal Mongolian Suma Foosball Festival
3. What Was
The Continuing Adventures of Supertonic
4. Movement I
5. Movement II
6. Movement V

"All selections on this album were composed and arranged by Lyle Mays with the exception of "What Was" which was composed by Chick Corea and arranged by Mays. The selections were determined by a vote of the entire band."


six-by-six said...

Pekis said...

Hmm ... Yes, it's Lyle Mays !
It was an unknown big band for me ... Thanks for having made me discover it :)

six-by-six said...

N E W : Lab 75

Anonymous said...

Please re post this amazing recording ?
Best regards from Argentina

juan said...

Could you repost this record ?
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Could you re-post in rapidshare o zshare this album ? Your blog is the best ! great music !

Anonymous said...

Can you repost this album ?
Best regards

Anonymous said...

I wanna see the score....i wonder if Lyle has it...have most of it transcribed but wouldnt mind comparing notes