Monday, October 30, 2006

Carla Bley - The Very Big Carla Bley Band (1991)

Trumpets: Lew Soloff, Guy Barker, Claude Deppa, Steven Bernstein
Trombones: Gary Valente, Richard Edwards, Fayyaz Virji, Ashley Slayter
Winds: Roger Jannotta, Wolfgang Puschnig, Andy Sheppard, Pete Hurt, Pablo Calogero
Rhythm: Steve Swallow (bass), Carla Bley (piano), Karen Mantler (organ), Victor Lewis (drums), Don Alias (percusson)

1. United States
2. Strange Arrangement
3. All Fall Down
4. Who Will Rescue You?
5. Lo Ultimo

Five striking Bley compositions are featured here, including two extended works, "United States" and "All Fall Down". The lasting impression is one of unusual voicings, adventurous soloists, unconventional arranging touches, and dissonant shadings. "Delightfully quirky, chaotically dynamic, delicately impressionistic, buoyantly upbeat, and brashly bold." - Downbeat

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