Monday, April 16, 2007

Stan Kenton - Plays Chicago (1974)

Woodwinds: Tony Campise, Rich Condit, Greg Smith, Dick Wilkie, Roy Reynolds
Trumpets: John Harner, Dave Deagler, Mike Barrowman, Mike Snustead, Kevin Jordan
Trombones: Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon, Brett Stamps, Bill Hartman
Tuba: Mike Wallace
Rhythm: Stan Kenton (piano), Mike Ross (bass), Ramon Lopez (percussion), Peter Erskine (drums)
Composer/Arranger: Bob Curnow

Chicago III Suite
1. Canon
2. Mother
3. Once Upon A Time
4. Free

From Blood, Sweat and Tears
5. Alone
7. Inner Crisis

6. First Child
8. The Rise and Fall of a Short Fugue


six-by-six said...

Stan Kenton Plays Chicago - 30MB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Don Ellis and Stan Kenton. I plan on checking out everything on this blog,matter of fact.

BTW I found some Stan Kenton on the web also on a torrent.

I have a Live In Cologne Germany show (which I quite love) and I have 2 box sets. One is Capitol Recording Box and the other is Mcgregor Transcriptions.

The Live in Cologne Germany 76 one is MP2,btw. I just found it off a torrent.

So let me know if you want the links if you do. I will just up em on the stan kenton comments section.

One question: Are you not a fan of Stan Kenton's earlier work? It was just kind of strange to not see it extensive like the rest of the other artists.