Monday, April 16, 2007

Stan Kenton - Fire, Fury and Fun (1974)

Reeds: Tony Campise, Rick Condit, Greg Smith, Dan Salmasian, Roy Reynolds
Trumpets: John Harner, Dave Deagler, Mike Barrowman, Tim Hagans, Kevin Jordan
Trombones: Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon, Dave Keim, Greg Sorcsek, Mike Sutter
Rhythm: Stan Kenton (piano), Mike Ross (bass), Ramon Lopez (percussion), Peter Erskine (drums)

1. Roy's Blues
2. Montage
3. Pete Is A Four Letter Word
4. Hogfat Blues
5. Quiet Friday
6. Ramon Lopez


six-by-six said...

Fire, Fury and Fun - 33MB

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the Kenton, its appreciated!

alphabet said...

NIIIIIICE!!!!!! I've been looking for this one since I lost my vinyl copy in a move... arrrggghhh!!!!! Thanks a million!!!