Friday, April 27, 2007

Bill Holman - The Bill Holman Band (1988)

Leader, Arranger, Composer, Tenor Sax: Bill Holman
Woodwinds: Lanny Morgan, bob Militello, Bob Cooper, Dick Mitchell, Bob Efford
Trumpets: Carl Saunders, Frank Szabo, Don Rader, Bob Summers
Trombones: Jack Redmond, Bob Enevoldsen, Rick Culver, Pete Beltran
Rhythm: Rick Eames (piano), Bruce Lett (bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums), Barry Zweig (guitar (2,3,7))

1. Front Runner
2. Isn't She Lovely
3. St. Thomas
4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
5. I Mean You
6. Just Friends
7. Primrose Path
8. The Moon Of Manakoora
9. The Real You


six-by-six said...

The Bill Holman Band - 53MB

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