Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Arturo Sandoval - Flight To Freedom (1991)

Full Personnel:
Arturo Sandoval (trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizer, percussion, vocals)
Ed Calle, Orlando Hernandez, Rene Luis Toledo, Julia Fuller, Pete King, Joel Dorn, Mike Orta, Nicky Orta (vocals)
Ed Calle (saxophone, flute, electronic wind instrument)
Gene Orloff, Sanford Allen, Max Allen, John Pintavalle, Matthhew Raimondi, Elliot Rosoff, Harry Zaratzian, Jesse Levy, Eugen Moye, Alfred Brown (strings)
Chick Corea (piano)
Mike Orta (piano, synthesizer)
Richard Eddy (synthesizer)
Rene Luis Toledo (electric & acoustic guitar)
Anthony Jackson, Nicky Orta (bass)
Dave Weckl, Orlando Hernandez (drums)
Long John (percussion)

1. Flight To Freedom
2. Last Time I Saw You
3. Caribeno
4. Samba De Amore
5. Psalm
6. Rene's Song
7. Body and Soul
8. Tanga
9. Caprichosos De La Habana
10. Marianela


six-by-six said...

Flight To Freedom - 52MB

BiG Bad OaK said...

Hey man. I thing our blogs are pretty much the same. It's so rare to find good Big Band's blogs.

Well I will link u to my Big Bad Music, hope u can do the same. Enjoy your stay as much as I did here.

Anonymous said...

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