Monday, October 15, 2007

Report Dead Links

If you come across something dead, do me a favor and post it as a comment to this post. I'll work to get things back up as soon as I can and will update this post when done.

Recent reups:

Bob Florence - Trash Can City
Bob Florence - Live At Concerts By The Sea
Woody Herman - Heavy Exposure
GRP All Star Big Band
Woody Herman - Live At Monterey
Bob Florence - Westlake
Chase - Listen To Her Sing
NTSU One O'Clock Lab Band - Lab 2003
NTSU One O'Clock Lab Band - The Best of One O'Clock
Louie Bellson - The Best of Louie Bellson
Claude Bolling Big Band - Live at the Meridien - Paris
Dave Stahl - Anaconda
Matthew Herbert Big Band - Goodbye Swingtime
Bob Florence - State of the Art
Dizzy Gillespie & Arturo Sandoval - To A Finland Station
J.J. Johnson - The Brass Orchestra
Charles Mingus - Epitaph
Maynard Ferguson - Live In Las Vegas
Maynard Ferguson - Big Bop Nouveau
Don Ellis - Tears of Joy
Don Ellis - Live at Montreux
Don Ellis - Music from Other Planets and Galaxies


jayhsee said...

Could you repost Bill Chase - Listen To Her Sing and North Texas State Lab 2003 and Best Of? Thanks,


BTW - I have some things you might be interested in. How does one share?

six-by-six said...

Jayhsee -

Thanks for the report, I'll work on those this week.

What people have done in the past is upload the file and then send me an email with a link (I'd prefer that over a comment). I can then make a regular post and thank the contributor.

I've been thinking of looking for a person or two who would also be interested in being a reguar contributor, but I'm having a hard time with that since I'm such a control freak. ;-)

six-by-six said...


> Woody Herman - Live At Monterey
> Bob Florence - Westlake
> Chase - Listen To Her Sing
> NTSU One O'Clock - Lab 2003

Working on others...

jayhsee said...

Dave Stahl - Anaconda

jayhsee said...

Thanks for the new uploads! I'm sending you a few more that you might like. Could you repost:

JJ Johnson - Brass Orchestra

Maynard Ferguson - Live In Vegas (1 and 2)



Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please re-up Maynard Ferguson BIG BOP NOUVEAU album? Thanks, Peter

Bassooner said...

Thank you for the re-ups, they all work great.

jlb418 said...

I am a late comer just found your blog this morning I love all the big band posts.any chance on getting the Don Ellis posts re-upped/posted ? I randomly checked about 4 of them seems like they are all gone.thanks again

Anonymous said...

I am not sure of the dates of any posts anymore . I just tried North Texas State Lab Band ,The Best of One O'Clock 2003 and it was gone . I have enjoyed your uploads in the past . Thanks for sharing so generously . Today is May 21,2011

Bob Bruno