Monday, October 01, 2007

Maynard Ferguson - Color Him Wild (1964)

Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet/Valve Trombone
Nat Pavone, Don Radar, Harry Hall, Dick Hurwitz - Trumpets
Kenny Rupp - Trombone/Tuba
Rob McConnell - Valve Trombone
Lanny Morgan, Willie Maiden, Frank Vicari, Ronnie Cuber - Saxophones
Mike Abene - Piano
Ron McClure - Bass
Tony Inzalaco - Drums

1. Airegin
2. Macarena
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. People
5. This Nite
6. The Lady's In Love
7. Tinsel
8. Three More Foxes
9. Come Rain Or Come Shine


six-by-six said...

Another Maynard that I thought was already posted; guess not!

Color Him Wild

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting to it! Much appreciated!

cheeba said...

Thanks Six by Six! Added a link to your post at the shad shack under its reissue name Dues as well.

Baron Von Bartold said...

Thanks again ... Baron VB