Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maynard Ferguson - Carnival (1978)

Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet/Superbone/Firebird/Flugelhorn
Trumpets: Stan Mark, Dennis Noday, Dan Wetly, Ron Tooley, Joe "Loon" Mosello
Trombones: Nick lane, Phil Grey
Saxophones: Eric Traub, Mike Migliore, Bob Militello
Rhydthm: John Odini (Guitar), Biff Hannon (Electric Piano/Synthesizers), Gordon Johnson (Bass), Bob Economou (Drums), Peter Erskine (Drums), Ralph McDonald (Percussion), Rubens Bassini (Percussion)
Vivian Cherry - Vocals

1. MF Carnival
2. Fantasy
3. Theme from "Battlestar Galactica"
4. Stella by Starlight
5. Birdland
6. Baker Street
7. How Ya' Doin' Baby?
8. Over From Rainbow


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