Friday, January 19, 2007

Bob Florence - Live At Concerts By The Sea (1986)

Recorded June 15 - 18, 1979 at Concerts by the Sea, Redondo Beach, CA.

Trumpets: Buddy Childers, Steve Huffsteter, Nelson Hatt, Gene Goe, Warren Luening
Trombones: Charles Loper, Herbie Harper, Don Waldrop, Chauncey Welsch
Woodwinds: Bob Cooper, Pete Christlieb, Ray Pizzi, Bill Perkins, Lee Callet, Kim Richmond
Rhythm: Bob Florence (piano), Joe DiBartolo (bass), Nick Ceroli (drums)

1. Be Bop Charlie
2. Lonely Carousel
3. Evie
4. Wide Open Spaces
5. I'll Remember
6. Party Hearty


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Thanks for all the great bands. This blog is a life saver in a music deficient world. Since you're obviously a fan I'd highly recommend: Overtime-Dave Holland Big band. It's a frequent listen. You just don't get a lengthy album like this everyday.

Bassooner said...

Can you repost this one?

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Live At Concerts By The Sea