Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bob Florence - Trash Can City (1987)

Woodwinds: Lanny Morgan, Kim Richmond, Dick Mitchell, Bob Cooper, Bob Efford, John Lowe
Trumpets: George Graham, Charley Davis, Warren Luening, Steve Suffsteter, Nelson Hatt
Trombones: Charlie Loper, Rick Culver, Herbie Harper, Don Waldrop
Rhythm: Bob Florence (piano), Joel DiBartolo (bass), Peter Donald (drums), Mike Stephans (percussion (4))
Vocals: Julie Andrews (2)

1. Willowcrest
2. Jewels
3. Trash Can City
4. Flight Of Fancy
5. The Bebop Treasure Chest
6. The Babbling Brook
7. Tell Your Story
8. Here And Now


six-by-six said...


Basooner said...

I tried to download Bob Florence, but just got games to download. Is there a link to the album?

six-by-six said...

NEW : Trash Can City

Bassooner said...

Thank you six by six, I was priveliged in high school to play several Bob Florence arrangements, and I've been a fan ever since.