Thursday, January 11, 2007

A few words from our sponsor...

Just a couple of quick notes on the site and such.

Santa was kind enough to bring me a new turntable for Christmas, so I am finally able to listen to (and burn) the handful of new albums I have accumulated in the past year, plus burn a few that I've had for a while but not gotten around to. Expect to see several of those over the next few weeks. BUT, please do keep in mind these are VINYL LPs - I do have a record and stylus cleaner, but it's not going to remove all of the imperfections. So you may find some pops here and there, just a warning. I will note in posts that it is an LP, just so everyone is aware.

I added categories to all of the posts (and to the sidebar above the archive) for those looking for a certain thing. Kind of a slick feature, I think.

ShareBig has been a little flaky lately, not sure why. They claim 99% uptime, but I am not sure they are making that. If a URL is not working, please try again later. I do check to make sure that the links are still active, so if one is truly dead, I will know. I may pony up and pay for a premium account somewhere, sometime, but for now, as long as ShareBig does not get any worse, I'll keep using it.

Lastly, if you have any comments, feel free to leave them. I enjoy reading what folks have to say (even just "Thanks!"). And spread the word, let your fellow jazz lovers know the site is here. The more hits, the more motivation I have to keep things going.

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