Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra - Live and Screamin' (1998)

Leader: Lenny King
Guest Soloist: Dennis Noday, trumpet
Saxes: **Chris Sarlas, lead alto; *Jon Irabagon, lead alto; Kent Lawson, alto & bari; Mark Colby, tenor; Frank Catalano, tenor; Ken Kistner, bari
Trumpets: **Joey Tartell, lead; *Kirk Garrison, lead; Terry Connell; Jim Peterson; **Tom Baker; *Amir Elsaffar; *Randy Kulik
Trombones: John Mose, lead; Hary Kozlowski; Tim Coffman; Tom Stark; John McAllister, bass & tuba
Rhythm: **Don Stille, piano; *Ron Mills, piano; David Rothstein, bass; **Charlie Braugham, drums; *Bob Chmel, drums; Al Keeler, Latin perc

* Tracks 8 and 13 only
** Not on tracks 8 and 13

1. Magic Flea
2. A Time For Love
3. What's New?
4. Maria
5. I Remember Stan
6. Fitz
7. Yesterdays
8. El Congo Valiente
9. Blue
10. Greasy Sack Blues
11. But Beautiful
12. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
13. Here's That Rainy Day
14. MacArthur Park

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