Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far (Musings for Miles) (1993)

Joe Henderson - Tenor Sax
John Scofield - Guitar
Dave Holland - Bass
Al Foster - Drums

1. Miles Ahead
2. Joshua
3. Pfrancing (No Blues)
4. Flamenco Sketches
5. Milestones
6. Teo
7. Swing Spring
8. Circle
9. Side Car
10. So Near, So Far

""Miles Ahead" won the 1994 Grammy Award for "Jazz Instrumental Solo." "So Near, So Far" won the 1994 Grammy Award for "Jazz Instrumental, Individual or Group." Although he only played with Miles Davis a handful of times in 1967, saxophonist Joe Henderson understood both the intricacies and the overall vision of the late trumpeter's music. Supported here by a world-class rhythm section, Henderson performs nine Davis selections plus the title track, a song popularized by Davis, but written by Tony Crombie and Benny Green. On SO NEAR, SO FAR (MUSINGS FOR MILES), Henderson combines classic Davis tunes with some of the trumpeter's little-known compositions. The jaunty "Swing Spring" and the highly rhythmic "Side Car" are good examples of some of the rarer material presented on this disc. (Other tunes such as "Miles Ahead," "Milestones," and "Flamenco Sketches" should be more familiar to listeners.) As expected, Henderson and his band navigate their way through these tunes with panache. Guitarist John Scofield's subtle, yet supportive, comping is particularly effective throughout, as is drummer Al Foster's colorful use of percussion. The highlight of the record is the ensemble's hard-swinging version of "Joshua;" the time signature shifts on the bridge are especially complex, but Henderson and company glide through them effortlessly."


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